Transform Your Shower To a 5-Star Spa

Self Care is Self Love 

Selfcare is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  it's time to step up your selfcare game without guilt. If you're a bath person, read on, becaus ewe are about to show uncover an ancient beauty secret that will transform your bathing experience into a 5 stars spa room. 

Spa Shower with Kenz Beauty Exfoliating Glove

If you prefer quick showers then keep reading, because you can turn a quick rinse into a spa-like ritual using only simple tools. No matter how you choose to get clean, you can make your experience even more luxe by using dreamy tools.

For soaping and soaking purposes, try a sponge made from organic materials, such a sea sponge or ground konjac root, sea sponges tend to prevent as much bacteria  from building up on them as other sponge types. To clean them, rinse your sponge thoroughly and leave it somewhere clean to dry (like out of the shower).

You can also try hanging your thoroughly rinsed sponge somewhere like a towel rack, so that it dries out completely. some sponges can be boiled, always check your product manufacturer instructions.  Let it sit in boiling water for two minutes to deep clean it. You can do this on weekly basis. But remember to swap them out for a fresh tool every 2 to 3 months.

With all the skin-boosting benefits of these next-level tools, there's a serious call to swap out your old shower routine. Replace it with these tools to make your affordable self-care soaks feel like a service at a five-star spa.