Our Story

The unseen beauty of Autism along with childhood memories are the inspiration behind the Kenz Beauty brand. 


Kenz Beauty is an Australian beauty brand specialising in selling Moroccan exfoliating Gloves and natural beauty products for hair and skin. 

The brand features Moroccon Hammam products or Moroccan spa bath products.
Morocco is the homeland of the best elements and ingredients for use in the manufacture of natural soaps and Argan oil. 
Commitment to quality and respect for traditional manufacturing process of the Moroccan Glove and Hammam products is at the base of the design of our skin care and hair care range  but we’ve added a touch of modern flare. 

The founder of Kenz Beauty brand is Australian entrepreneur and social media influencer Rim Daghmash, Rim is a Mother of Autistic 3 year old daughter Kenzie, she named the business Kenz Beauty because she says her daughter’s beauty is out of this world.

Rim and Kenzie holding blue balloons for Autism Awareness

“I remember growing up in the Middle East how the ladies in my old city used to go to the public market bath ( the Souq Hammam ) where skin cleaning and exfoliating is a weekly ritual, I used to go to the ladies spa bath with my mum and my sisters and cousins every Friday, we used to attend pre wedding celebrations and have morning tea in the Hammam, it’s a beautiful part of my heritage and my childhood that will live forever in my heart. 

I moved to Australia 20 years ago, I just couldn’t find a product that is similar to what we use in our Arabic Spa Bath ( the Hammam), that small black exfoliating glove that we used in Moroccan or Turkish Hammam, my grandmother used to make these gloves for us by hand and finely stitch them with her sawing machine, the process of making these gloves was fascinating, because it took hours to make one glove, it’s rough on the skin yet it’s so gentle, we call it kesset Hammam - or bath glove , the unique fabric of the glove removes dirty dead and dry skin instantly, you will see grey rolls of dead skin coming out of your body, it’s truly amazing,  I remember after every spa bath I felt like I was reborn.

I decided to source my own gloves or even make them .. I looked everywhere but there was nothing like it here in Australia and nothing compares to the quality of my grandmother’s gloves. So here I thought .. if I make a new business that would be it.

And it happened, and Kenz beauty was born!

Why Kenz beauty .. Kenzie is my autistic daughter’s name, in Arabic ( which is my heritage) it means my treasure .. I called it Kenz Beauty .. which translates to treasure of beauty .. because Kenzie’s beauty is out of this world, autistic children are so beautiful”. 

Kenz Beauty is a family business, we all work in it together, we are passionate about our products and we want to share this little Ancient skincare ritual and beauty secret with the world. Think of it like a DIY Moroccan Hammam at home, that’s why we introduced an entire range of Moroccan inspired beauty products for skin and hair, infused with Natural and essential oils, and we added our Australian touch in our Australian Native Botanical range.

From Argan oil, to essential oils to Rosewater and certified organic creams, body clays and lotions, to handmade soap body bars and shampoo bars, our products are carefully selected to care for hair and skin, beauty is simple, you don’t need a thousand products, we don’t believe in beauty standards and instead want to enhance the natural glow.  

Our spa mode range includes natural candles and diffusers that will help you create a spa- like experience at your own home, with a range of handmade candles, soaps and diffusers, we want to encourage relaxation and self love through self-care and self healing. Everyone deserves to feel pampered and to experience the luxury of the Moroccan Hammam Spa Bath.

Spa Mode Candles

Kenz Beauty is based at Gold Coast but shipping is available Australia wide.

The Kenz Beauty brand truly and equally reflects our authentic Middle Eastern and Australian identity. Using mostly organic ingredients in our products we are expanding this concept by helping to create a better environment for the planet. Also by encouraging local cooperatives, we participate in a better world.



Our core values:



Our Kenz Beauty brand is more than a name, it is a commitment to remain faithful to our values.
We encourage all businesses that contribute to a better world by using green energy and recyclable packaging, we also encourage fair trading and ethical sourcing of our imported ingredients. 
Ethical and fair trade

Environmentally Conscious  

Since the foundation of the brand , we are committed to use only natural ingredients and use only environmentally friendly process for the transformation process.
All of our products are Australian made and sourced from ethical Australian suppliers and businesses.  We ensure that our resources are environmentally friendly and are used responsibly. 

Working for a Green planet  


Our products are of the highest quality, thanks to the ingredients carefully chosen for the production as well as the modern transformation process while respecting the ancestral techniques.

Products Lab testing


The use of our products allows you to highlight and celebrate who you really are. The Moroccan Exfoliating Glove is more that a simple bath glove, it's an authentic Moroccan Hammam Experience at your own home. By purchasing our products, you can be sure they were made with your skin in mind, as well as the planet. 

Woman relaxing in bath

Kenz Beauty is a registered Australian Trade Mark.