What is a Moroccan Hammam?

What is the difference between a traditional Moroccan hammam and modern hammam (bath)

In your quest to finding out more about what is exactly a Moroccan hammam, you will likely find that it's also called Turkish bath, Roman bath, Moroccan steam room or sauna,  but hammam is another term meaning bath.

A Moroccan hammam consists of a bathhouse with multiple rooms (dry and steamed) for cleaning the body and soul according to traditional ritual performed by another person.

The story

Traditional Moroccan Hammam

Historically the first public bath was created by the Roman empire more than 2000 years ago. They allowed citizens to visit local bathhouse to cleanse themselves and keep a good hygiene. The idea caught up with the rest of the world and Morocco were amongst the first one to embrace that way of bathing and even made it a community ritual.  

Since religion is an important part of Moroccan’s culture, the first hammam were found near praying center and was almost mandatory before prayer.

Moroccan Hammam always consists of the following basic rooms:

  1.  Dry hot room to start your journey and get accustom to the heat.
  2.  Hot steamy room to sweat away all body’s impurity.
  3.  Bathing room to get the traditional hammam treatment.
  4.  Resting room to have mint tea and relax.
  5.  Optional massage room to really relieve you of all remaining stress and worry.

 The Tools 

The tools used in Moroccan hammam are original Morocan products, all natural, like Moroccan black soap, exfoliating gloves and organic oils like Argan oil, olive oil and coconut oil, organic fragrances such as rose water and misk, and other oriental products that are hand made specifically or the Moroccan Hammam. 

The main tool amongst them all is the exfoliating glove, the Moroccan glove is made with unique woven fabric, which swells when submerged in water, creating a rough surface that captures dry dead skin of the skin surface revealing fresh smooth soft skin underneath. 

The health benefits of Moroccan Hammam 

  1. Physical and emotional detox. Reduce stress, anxiety and allow deep relaxation. 
  2. Beautifying the body and face. Take away dead skin from your body, unclog pores while eliminating toxins from the skin and
  3. Fight acne. Regulate skin oil secretions to prevent acne and help heal scars and reduce redness.
  4. Skin nourishing and rehydration. Provides essential vitamins and minerals.
  5. Anti-aging. Allow your inner organs to breathe. Helps toning, firming the skin while improving elasticity.
  6. Decrease muscle tension. It sooth muscle pain and rheumatism.
  7. Better sleep. Helps rejuvenate your body while sleeping.
  8. Boost the immune system. Activate the blood circulation.
  9. Body and mind connection. Have more energy and feel more balance.
  10. Feel beautiful. Feeling fresh and revitalized.